I love to visit with people, to hear their concerns and ideas for making our County better. I ask permission to use names and photos. (If I mis-quote you, contact me at stradling4council@gmail.com and I will correct it.)

8/11/2022- Canvassing in WR

(I love these experiences, visiting with welcoming people who resonate with my vision!)

Lee Hollen, WR

Concern that so much federal and GRT funds come into the community but does not benefit our neighbors off the Hill.
Would like better youth programs. School discretionary funding.

Ruby Alexander (Ruby K owner), WR

Has seen my ad and liked it.
Los Alamos is the scene of an unfolding economic tragedy. Wonders why we have a local government by council vs by mayor: “management by committee” with lip service to values, but not delivering, lacks vision and energy.
Has has a variety of experiences with landlords but “loves Joe Arellano” her current landlord.

Monica Avery, WR

Frustrated with limitations on property use. County limitations on adding “mother-in-law quarters”.
Not happy with county harassment over foliage on lots.
Hard to get contractor help because “it is too hard for them to deal with the hassle of getting LAC work permits.”

7/22/2022- The Blue Ventures- Ashley Pond Concert-

Blue Ventures playing at Ashley Pond
Wild Crowd dancing their hearts out!
Little girls want me to be president- I was honored and delighted! (video published with parents consent and encouragement_
Many young people have seen my video on YouTube and are happy someone is thinking about the future of their town. They come up to me asking for photo opportunities.

Rose Harris

“Stop pouring money into the golf course, develop mountain bike trails!”(We had a discussion of the range of needs and desires of county residents. Clearly the recent letters in local press are having the effect of stimulating discussion!)

CK (name withheld)
– “County Council makes unannounced multi-million dollar decisions without taxpayer input!”

Poor county support for small businesses: Loss of Gordon’s music store in White Rock; Sirphey law suit, etc.
(I suggested to several dissatisfied people that there is a mechanism in place for county residents to direct the Council:

“202.2 The Council shall place on the agenda of its next regular meeting the subject of any written request signed by five or more qualified voters of the County and presented to the county clerk at least ten (10) days prior to that meeting. The agenda for every Council meeting shall provide time for comments from the public.” https://library.municode.com/nm/los_alamos_county/codes/code_of_ordinances)

Sandra Ruiz/Kyle Hillard (New residents)
Really concerned with housing inadequacy and the Lab’s problem of hiring and retaining new staff.

Jack Carter, WR

Supportive of my campaign.

Rob Dunham- WR

“To “heck” with the Golf Course!, use those funds to fix the road to White Rock!!!” Also, please bring me one of your yard signs!”

7/15/2022Igor and the Red ElvisesAshley Pond Concert

Dave and Ashley Connell Family- former Navy, looking for stability in Los Alamos

Yancy Sechrest & Tory Carr:

Want much more housing available, vibrant businesses, attention to schools.

Geoff Swank

“How can this place still have a dead “Motel 6″ from 2015, Metzgers on property empty, Old Smiths (Mari Mac) vacant? Why are these properties not being used for business or housing? Coming into Los Alamos looks like we are a Shanty Town!”

Alex Parga

“The county Council is stagnant! We need change! The lack of support for small businesses is terrible! The state of Old Smiths (Mari Mac) is terrible! Whatever the County has been doing is not working! We need change!

Dave and Deborah McCloud

Do not plant Chamisa in landscaping!
Maintain a viable airport! We need activities for teens!
Decrepit Mari Mac (Smiths) and Hilltop House is disgusting! Coming into Los Alamos looks like driving past the auto salvage lots on the way to the Sante Fe Airport.
We need transparency in the County Council and County Government (ref: Sirphy)

Lori Thompson- Leeanne Foter

Business development. Things for teens to do. Local business having to compete with the Lab for space is ridiculous. A small group of landlords own the town and are jacking up rents, waiting for the Lab to make them rich.

Mark Diblast

“Housing! Businesses! Want pickleball courts!”

Dawn Marie Maldonado

“The county residents voted down the Rec Board bond for the splash pad, etc. and the County just went ahead anyway. The people do not feel respected!”

David Fry

There is a monopoly on groceries in Los Alamos. Has to go to Santa Fe for shopping. Not happy with this

7/4/2022- 4th of July Celebration! Chevel Shepherd, Overlook Park

Wonderful party today!

Happy Independence Day Los Alamos!

Chevel Shepherd is awesome!

I talked to a lot of folks in Los Alamos about the future of this county: Housing! Families! Business!

The county was bragging about having 661 homes built in the last 15 years. I look at the problem and it is 10,000 commuters who can’t find homes in Los Alamos. Tell me again how is 661 homes is impressive. Los Alamos County

Folks said, “You’re making a lot of sense, Gary”.

Chevel Shepard
Young Friends!

7/2/2022 RPLA Barbecue- Rover Park

Alexis Martinez Johnson!- The Courage and focus of this excellent candidate, with her delightful family!

A rainbow honoring our flag!
Panorama of our beautiful sunset!

With Alexis Martinez Johnson, Candidate for Congress CD-3
Republican Party of Los Alamos- Bill McKerley, Chairman, is addressing the crowd.

6/17/2022The Sweet LilliesAshley Pond Concert-

Quinton & Angie, McKay and Elizabeth

Loved visiting with so many good people at Ashley Pond tonight, to the music of the Sweet Lillies from Colorado! I hear a lot of enthusiasm for strong efforts to meet the housing need with much larger developments.

(Note, that: the 9,000+ LANL workers who commute in to the county everyday + all of the other commercial laborers and staff that provide for the County needs; also live somewhere, in dwellings that were commercially fabricated, and which they now find affordable. Such affordable housing can be had in Los Alamos, if we provide the land to build on!)

Thanks to Quinton & Angie, McKay and Elizabeth, and many others who engaged with me!

Quinton & Angie, McKay and Elizabeth

  1. Housing shortage!!
  2. More businesses, not just lab-centered community
  3. Better electrical/power infrastructure (too many power outages)
  4. Need an Express route to Santa Fe

Lizzie Lyon

Concerned about empty dilapidated buildings.

Rhiannon Cossey

‘County Government thinks the GRT from LANL is a “Cash Piñata”, Spend, Spend, Spend- especially the pool pad! This money should be used to lower taxes and reduce utility costs of residents. County government should grow businesses.’ Sees the Kroger deal as a sweetheart deal to reduce competition.


Too much LANL influence in town


Tom Terry & Eve Tierney

Want fiscal responsibility in County expenditures. Want a swimming pool and a bowling alley, etc. 

Complaint that local police harass youth, when the youth are law abiding and doing legitimately peaceful activities: e.g. blocking a car on overlook in the middle of the day, checking ID. Why should the youth be targeted by LAPD? 

Agree that expanded housing is the key to county revitalization. 

Peter and Kelly

Peter and Kelly Maginot

Business rents in the county are too high. Lab use of townsite business space drives up rents and drives out businesses. Would like some nice entertainment business space: theater, etc. Favor getting federal land for housing expansion. 

Concerned about appearance (or reality) of sweetheart deals between county government and some business people. 

Erica and Lucas  

Concerned about small business health.

Wants movie theater, bowling alley, arcades, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.  

Greg & Kathleen Weiss (no photo)

Concerned about apparent harassment of Sirphey by county government.

Why is county targeting natural gas supplies for future county residents? Potential cost is high, and benefit small. Hates the empty buildings and languishing business environment. 

Fix NM 4 from NM 502 to White Rock!

Barbara F Smith

Is a fiscal conservative. “Why is the county building all of these “Castles”: the Justice building, the County administration building, the Fire department building?!” The job these facilities are intended to do can be done much less expensively and ostentatiously. 

Very concerned about the lack of business vitality in the County. Misses CB & Fox. “Where is our department store?”

Our county needs to fix our road infrastructure, especially the White Rock access. 

We need High Speed Internet. 

The County studies these things forever, but is slow to act on things that really matter!

Terra Berning

“The County should NOT be in the real estate business!

The County studies EVERYTHING, and spends a fortune on consultants, but is slow to enact important change. Why cannot county staff do the studies? “

Antonia and Laura

“County government is hostile to small businesses. We want a movie theater, a bowling alley, indoor playground, – local entertainment suitable to adults. “

Concerned by the long-vacant and decaying businesses!

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