My career has refined my abilities and provided me with perspective that will serve the Los Alamos County Council well. Below are a number of experiences that demonstrate my ability to make a difference under difficult circumstances. Click on the links to access detailed accounts.

German Physical Society awards me the Schardin Gold Medal for High Speed Photography. This launches me into a series of weighty responsibilities that prepared me to serve Los Alamos County.

Hubert Schardin Gold Medal X-Ray Streak Camera

Th Schardin medal represents significant cooperative advancement in technology, with international researchers. I have learned to work with others to accomplish results that benefit a larger community.

International Gold Medal for High Speed X-Ray Photography


I worked for three years as Chairman of a 26-nation group to develop technical protocols enabling implementation of the Open Skies Treaty

Certificate I gave to OSCE IWGS delegates

This Open Skies experience taught me to deal with complication, disagreement, to find solutions to impossible problems. This is all relevant to working with others to solve Los Alamos’s problems.


Chairman of the international 26-nation Open Skies technical negotiation committee- the OSCE International Working Group on Sensors

In 1997 I was tasked by the Secretary of Defense to understand if the new Department of Energy “Stockpile Stewardship Plan” would be sufficient to sustain the national nuclear weapons stockpile, without testing, under the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The answer was not pretty. Still, we moved forward with solutions. In these roles I worked with others that have influence in addressing Los Alamos County’s current challenges.

Drafting SECDEF CTBT ratification testimony with (Left to right) Franklin Miller-deputy ASD/ISP (later deputy national security advisor under Condoleezza Rice), myself as technical advisor from LANL, Frank Rose (then policy advisor to Ted Warner, later Assistant Secretary of State for Verification, Implementation, and Compliance, now Principle Deputy Administrator to DOE UnderSecretary Jill Hruby, NNSA Administrator), John Harvey-DASD Nuclear Forces and Missile Defense Policy (my boss) and later NNSA Policy Planning director, Ted Warner ASD International Security Policy.

Pentagon assignment to evaluate DOE Stockpile Stewardship Plan for DoD


I had the challenge of overcoming political machinations to preserve important national capabilities. I am willing to stand up and address problems, even in the face of heavy pressure. I can do the right thing on the County Council when needed.

Defending DoD Nuclear Matters


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