November 1, 2022

From the desk of Congressman Bill Redmond, Retired:

Former Congressman Bill Redmond has endorsed Gary Stradling for Los Alamos County Council.

Redmond met with Stradling and discussed the needs of Los Alamos County residents in light of LANL expansion and the need for affordable housing especially for young families and senior citizens, he said. Creative-business oriented solutions are needed to address the greatest housing need the county has faced since the Manhattan Project.

The county council has seven members, 6 Democrat and 1 Republican. Political philosophy drives policy and budget priorities. Regardless of party, creative solutions rarely come from governing bodies with a significant imbalance such as Los Alamos Council currently has, Redmond said.

“It’s time for Los Alamos citizens to balance the council to avoid stagnating creativity with this great challenge before us,” he said.

As a former Planning and Zoning Commissioner Stradling has the knowledge and experience to address the housing challenge. Gary’s professional leadership experience as Director of the Office of Treaty Verification Technologies at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) demonstrates a spirit of innovation as well as a keen eye to approaching the future with robust solutions, he said.

“I heartily endorse Gary Stradling as a candidate for the Los Alamos County Council,” Redmond says.